You can easily decorate your wall with stone veneer in many styles and colours. Paint is not the only way to decorate your walls, especially when you want to have texture try a faux wall facing stone veneer or brick veneer. Because of the stone veneer’s lightweight and easy handling wall panels, it’s a project that does it yourself decorators can do. All you need to bring is your imagination and one of our wall facing stone veneer products. You can, of course, hire a mason to do it for you if you’re not up to doing it yourself, and we can suggest many professionals help you out.

Wall Facing Stone Veneer Accents Aren’t Just for the Inside Anymore

Stone installed on partial walls on the exterior of homes and not only covering an entire wall can make a home design extraordinary. Exposed stone look on an exterior wall is a good place to start when you want to add a unique feel to space. It can remind us of places we’ve been in our travels or out with friends.

Exterior Wall Stone Facing Adds Value to Your Home or Building

Look at the walls of your favourite restaurants and you will see a wall facing brick and stone veneers. Add these looks to your home or building by putting a little wall facing stone and brick on your exterior walls.