The Natural Alternative to Real Stone

When you are looking for natural stone, the only affordable option for you is a natural exterior stone veneer. A natural stone veneer offers many benefits. Also, it can be quite affordable when compared to real stone. First, there is a cut from 1 inch to 1 ½ inches thick which makes it a lighter weight stone than a full bed stone. Next, natural stone veneers can cut for a dry stack look or grout. Notably, natural stone veneer products can be an organic fieldstone shape, soft limestone edges, or saw cut

There is a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes of natural exterior stone veneers for your home cladding or home siding. As well, the natural beauty of your natural stone veneer can be easily enhanced with a touch of coloured groutYou can put a natural exterior stone in Toronto or other locations in Ontario into your home today.

Natural Stone Wall

Easy to Install Natural Exterior Stone Veneers Over Existing Brick

It’s possible to install thin exterior natural stone veneers right over many structure substrates, even brick. It’s best to check your local building codes and to consult a professional mason, however, this is a project you can do yourself if you plan and follow the advice of a professional. Natural stone veneer can be heavier than manufactured stone veneer, and lighter-weight options are available in panel type forms. These assembled natural stone veneer panels are easier to install and are maintenance-free.

Create a Statement in Your Home

Today’s outdoor living also makes a statement about your home and it’s surroundings. This is why increasingly natural exterior stone is in applications including retaining wall stone facing, stone cladding projects for outdoor kitchens and barbecues, as well as patio area wall stone. Consider making your backyard into an oasis trimmed with natural stone veneer for that look of elegance and timeliness. Also, our team will make sure your home is made the way you wanted and visioned.

Contact us to get your home the natural exterior stone it deserves. The Infinity Stone Exteriors head office is in the Greater Toronto Area and distributes stone veneer and brick veneer throughout Ontario and Quebec. Contact one of our many offices for your natural stone exterior in Toronto and other locations.