Easy to Install in a Variety of Colours and Textures

Creating your home to make a new fresh look can make a big difference. Using Faux Stone Panels can even make a bigger difference.  Infinity  Stone Exteriors can make your home a new look that you never saw before. This is the ideal product for your home.  The important thing is to give it won’t be costly. Natural Stone can be costly, but if you want to improve the appearance of your home or bring style to your home, then choosing the Faux Stone Panel is perfect. We have different colours and textures for the faux stones in our many showrooms in Ontario including Toronto.

Faux stone is a good stone to pick because it is manufactured, which is meant is lighter and it is more economical. In addition, there are many different colours and textures to choose from to make your home pop out, give elegance and mimic the natural stone finish.

When you want to save money and time, use Faux stone for your exterior and interior walls, which can make your home even more beautiful and . Preparing the surface properly is essential to ensure a solid installation of faux stone panels. It can into the dream room you always wanted.

We do have the best Faux Stone in Toronto and other locations around the GTA.

Add Elegance

Adding texture to a surface with faux stone also adds interest to space. Faux Stone has been one of our customers’ favourite for their homes. Installing faux stone panels requires less work than staking one stone at a time and the end result is amazing. It will look like your wall is built from the real stone even though it is made out of Faux stone. Faux stone panels are available in many profiles and colours and are affordable at any budget. If you can do it yourself then that is a budget saver too. Update and change the look of your interior or exterior stone project with easy to install, easy on the budget, decorative wall panels and get the look of real stone.

A faux stone panel will give you the look of stacked stone in a simple, easy to install decorative wall panel.

Wall Designs That Will Blow You Away

Over the years, we have worked with different customers in adding Faux Stone to their wall. We have many different designs to work and you can also combine designs that will your room or home stand out from the others. Let us make your vision of how your home should be with the number of designs we can come up with. Be apart of the process of making your home and room over the top.

Infinity Stone Exteriors has worked with different faux stone dealers to help you get what you deserve. We work with people all over Canada to get customers their perfect faux stone. 

Stone Veneer: Cost-Effective Exterior Solution for Canadian Homes

Stone, with its timeless charm, durability, and unique aesthetic appeals, has long been a favoured material in construction. Today, stone veneer, as a flexible and cost-effective alternative, is stepping into the spotlight. Offering the classic appeal of stone minus the weight and installation challenges, stone veneer is rapidly becoming the go-to choice. This article aims to educate our Canadian readers on stone veneer as a transformative exterior option by delving into its differences with solid stone, the nuances of installation, and overall benefits.

Stone Veneer Canada: Cost Analysis

When compared to solid stone, natural stone veneer provides substantial cost savings despite the processes involved in thin-slicing it. On average, natural stone veneer costs range from $15 to $30 per square foot. Manufactured stone, being a more budget-friendly option, costs between $8 to $12.50 per square foot. 

While stone veneer installation does require masonry, eliminating the need for a sturdy foundation significantly reduces the construction time, complexity, and costs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer undeniably shares the timeless aura of solid stone. Regardless of whether it’s natural or manufactured, stone veneer is designed to last as long as solid stone, maintaining its aesthetic appeal throughout its lifespan. Another noteworthy advantage resides in its flexibility; provided with a well-insulated wall, stone veneer works harmoniously in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The cost-effectiveness and easier installation process than standing stone are considerable benefits of stone veneer that cannot be overlooked. However, as with any material, it does have some drawbacks. For instance, the colour of manufactured stone fades over time and exposure to different weather elements. Additionally, composite mixes used in manufactured stone are vulnerable to damage by harsh chemicals, necessitating careful handling during cleaning.

Stone Veneer: Canadian Context

In the Canadian setting, where weather conditions vary drastically across regions, the ability to insulate the backing wall makes stone veneer a compelling choice. The lightweight and durable material is tailored to resist the elements, making it an eminent contender for the exterior dressing of Canadian homes.

Contact one of our many locations to get your Wall or Home Built With Faux Stone. Infinity Stone Exteriors has different varieties of the faux stone in Toronto and other locations across Ontario.