Fake Stone, Real Stone Look

Exterior stone that’s manufactured to have the look, feel and colour of real stone, but at a much lower price and easy of installation, this is today’s fake stone. Walls panels made of fake stone look exactly like real the real thing, but better. The texture and feel of the fake stone surface can be better by incorporating UV stabilizers, scratch resistant agents and additives. Natural imperfections are faithfully reproduced with a great looking finish and an unmatched realistic feel

Clean and Expensive Looking Fake Stone Installations

Fake stone technology produces an incredibly strong lightweight product with a realistic look and feel. Stone panels are made from lightweight materials. They are indistinguishable from real stone installed by skilled masons. Fake stone is imitation stone that looks and feels like classic natural stone wall cladding. You can create authentic looking walls and architectural accents using our fake stone panels. You can do it all without the mess and expense of traditional masonry cement and mortar. Notably, labour savings on fake stone panel installations often exceed the cost of the product!

Exterior Fake Stone that Adds Value to Your Home or Building

There is no better way to add warmth and dimension affordably to exteriors than with fake stone products. Because of the difference in price and its realistic look, fake stone is the a good choice for home improvements and DIY projects. Perfect for cladding and siding applications, use fake stone veneer to add elegance and accents to make your home the one that stands out.