Stone Veneer – The Ultimate Bay Window Cladding Material

Weather Threats and Lacklustre Solutions

Every home buyer or homeowner knows the importance of windows. The windows offer to both the style and architecture of a house. These transparent viewpoints connect you to the outside world. It offers you the public a taste of what makes you and your property distinct. Yet, while the shapes of windows differ (box, bay, bow, dormer) from place to place. The installation can be different according to preference. One thing remains the same; their maintenance. In fact, it’s the weather. It makes the maintenance of windows necessary because most if not can be plywood. The weathering of plywood compels a homeowner to paint over them every 3 to 4 years. Maybe replace them entirely as they are prone to rotting, decaying, or leakage. Fix your home right away with protection that can last a while. Get your Stone Cladding today in the Toronto area.

To counter these drawbacks, builders have lately turned to vinyl siding. It has its cheaper cost, lighter weight, and easy installation. But these advantages are not enough to overcome a major drawback: the tendency to use the siding in unimaginative, even boring designs. The popularity of brick and the convenience of vinyl siding has inhibited creativity. As a matter of fact, it has led to a rash of new subdivisions filled with repetitive designs that look as if they all came off the same assembly line. Builders limiting themselves to these conventional materials. This means many builders miss opportunities to attract new and design-conscious buyers. Also, everyone is buying houses or building custom houses these days.

Your Second Floor is Not Safe

Rain and snow precipitate more often on the second floor of a house than on the first. It suffers more from outdoor elements. Contactors and professional installers often find accessing and working on any second-floor project dull and problematic. This implies that a regular everyday handyman will experience these feelings sevenfold. Even when vinyl or aluminum sidings are used to finish window frames they encounter problems. Problems include warped sidings, aluminum losing its colour, and cracks to stucco. This is all the result of overheating of the roof where high temperatures and sunrays split, fade and deform your home’s surface. Keep you home safe any damage that can happen. Keep all floors safe.

Protect Your Home from the Elements

A solution to these various problems is maintenance-free, lightweight, manufactured stone veneer. It is durable and colourfast, weather-resistant stone veneer is the ideal bay window cladding material. Also, it is easy to install and available in dozens of attractive textures and colours. Manufactured stone veneer changes the architecture of a house and solves the problem. Problems include faded paint, rotting boards, warped sidings and possible water damage to the interior of your house

Manufactured stone, also known as faux stone or artificial stone, is engineered from a specifically formulated blend of Portland cement, natural stone aggregates, and carefully selected pigments. At only a fraction of the weight of natural stone, manufactured stone eliminates the need for structural reinforcing of foundations and footings. Thus, the stone can be installed on any stable interior or exterior wall surface, facing, or elevation. This is including those where the natural stone would be impractical.

Infinity Stone Exteriors , Unsurpassed Value and Variety

When undertaking any home renovation or design project, you need at least two elements: quality and selection. When it comes to adding manufactured stone veneer to that project, Infinity Stone Exteriors satisfies both requirements. Our company has the best stone cladding materials in Toronto and Ontario.

We offer a wide range of Decorative stone veneer. We have Fireplace Brick Veneers, Natural Stone Veneers and more. All our stone products are of the highest quality and offer value for money. In addition, enhancing the beauty of the house help to a great extent.

Manufactured stone veneers present an easy way to change the overall appearance of a building. This is done by creating a natural look at quite an affordable cost. They also serve multiple purposes such as Stone Facing, Stone Siding, Flooring, Wall Cladding and so forth. This offers a perfect solution to people regarding home decorations.

Bring along photographs or sketches of your project and our friendly employees will be pleased to answer all your questions. Our professional staff draws on years of experience in the design and construction industry. Moreover, we take pride in offering you a thoughtful, personalized service. If the distance is too far, feel free to visit any of the building supply centres in our expanding network of authorized dealers across Ontario.

In summary, contact us to get your exterior stone cladding near the Toronto area. Infinity Stone Exteriors head office is based in the Greater Toronto Area and distributes stone and brick veneer throughout Ontario and Quebec.