Brick Veneer and Stone Veneer Replicate Nature’s Stone

Exposed brick or stone walls or accents on the exterior is a look that exudes luxury and stateliness. Achieving such a look is easy when you use stone or brick veneers that are an inexpensive alternative to real brick or stone. As well, these veneers are lightweight and capable of being installed as a DIY project. Getting a professional for your home improvement project is less hassle and it will get installed properly. Get yourself a professional to install a brick veneer or stone veneer for your home near the Toronto area.

Brick and stone are not only for exterior applications. An exposed brick or stone wall panel in an interior can add style to your home and at the office. To achieve the look of a natural stone or brick wall that has been there for decades can be got using brick and stone veneer. It offers an easy solution without taking valuable real estate from your space. Brick veneer is only about three-quarters of an inch thick while the stone veneer is generally one and a half to two inches at most. Their full version counterparts can be more than four and more inches thick. It makes them extremely heavy. Also, it takes a lot of your floor space away.

Easy to Install Brick and Stone Veneer, and Easy to Handle

While brick veneer is only approximately three-quarters of an inch thick and stone veneer is only one and a half to two inches at most, their real brick and stone counterparts can be more than four inches thick making them extremely heavy. Not only will the difference in thickness affect your ultimate floor space, but delivery and installation costs will differ as well. Notably, brick and stone veneers are environmentally favourable alternatives to the real thing, as having lower carbon footprints in manufacture and installation.

Full Brick or Full Bed Stone​

Try a lighter version with brick and stone veneer. A veneer is a great option when you want to update and change any area of your home in an instant. The beauty of an exposed brick wall can be achieved easily with an antique brick veneer product. Create the look of an authentic brick wall that has been there for years. It will be there for many more with brick veneer. 

When you want to have the look of a full stone without the weight and want the ease of installation a stone veneer is the best choice. Stone veneer can be installed directly over your current brick facade. Check your local building code and consult a professional for the correct installation.

Full Brick or Stone Veneer Designs

When you want the look of a full brick or stone wall or accent but without the weight, a brick or stone veneer is the best choice. Most veneers can be installed directly over existing materials. A brick or stone veneer is a perfect option when you want to update. It can change a specific area of your home in an instant. The beauty of an exposed brick wall can be easily achieved with an antique brick veneer. In this way, you can create the look of an authentic brick wall that has been there for years. Also, it will be there for many more with brick veneer. It is best though to check with your local building code and consult masonry and concrete contractors for the correct installation..

Exterior Brick Veneer Installation

The distinction between solid brick structures and brick veneer properties fundamentally lies in their installation technique. Solid brick houses, also referred to as double-brick or solid masonry houses, are constructed using two layers of brick or a layer of concrete block paired with an external layer of brick. Hence, the brick forms an essential part of the building’s structural support system.

On the other hand, brick veneer surfaces can be installed at any stage following the construction phase. To install, the house’s exterior sheathing is protected with special paper against moisture, with wire ties attached as per building codes. Spaces between the brick and frame walls are equipped with weep holes to ensure breathability and permit the escape of accumulated moisture. It’s essential to ensure these weep holes remain unclogged to prevent moisture from building up behind the bricks.

Benefits of Exterior Brick Veneer: A Comparative Outlook

Compared to solid brick, brick veneer provides several functional and stylistic advantages that builders tend to favor. Installation-wise, brick veneer is relatively simplistic due to the involvement of a single layer of masonry. This aspect also translates into cost-effectiveness, marking another prominent reason behind its rising popularity.

Structurally, brick veneer requires simpler foundational and support systems. Unlike solid brick, which is heavy and necessitates substantial footing and foundation systems, brick veneer’s lightness fosters design flexibility. Moreover, the air cavity existing between the brick and the home acts as an effective insulating space, particularly if filled with insulation. In contrast, solid brick walls are often considered poor insulators and may permit exterior moisture to penetrate and cause damage.

In terms of aesthetics, like solid brick, veneer provides a charming, low maintenance, and fireproof exterior, entirely eliminating the need for paint or stain. Therefore, homeowners eyeing a fusion of practical and aesthetic appeal in their external walls would find brick veneer a fitting choice.

Elevate the aesthetic appeal and durability of your exteriors with Stone Selex’s splendid range of brick veneer. Designed to replicate the rich look and feel of real brick or stone, our brick veneer harmonizes the power of authenticity with the ease of modern design practices.

An excellent option for those who desire the unique charm of exposed brick or stone walls, our brick veneer is an affordable alternative that maintains the stateliness of real brick or stone. With no compromise on luxury, it offers a transformative solution for those wishing to transcend the ordinary and venture into a realm of design that resonates with grandeur and quality.

What sets our brick veneer apart is its lightweight structure. Unburdened by the weight of real brick, it opens up a realm of possibilities for a DIY project. However, for a smooth and flawless installation, we recommend involving a professional to harness the true potential and integrity of the veneer.

Our exterior brick veneer isn’t confined to merely the outdoors of your home. It can effortlessly extend its charm to your interiors, adding a touch of rustic grace to your office or home. With Stone Selex’s brick veneer, you can recreate the allure of an authentic brick wall that emanates the aura of time-honoured elegance yet continues to stand strong for years to come.

Despite its thin structure – approximately three-quarters of an inch thick for brick veneer – it boasts an impressive resistance to external pressures. Compared to their real brick counterparts, which can be more than four inches thick and extremely heavy, our veneers present a lightweight, easy-to-handle alternative, thereby preserving your floor space without skimping on style.

Beyond delivering on visual appeal, our veneers recognize the importance of environmental responsibility. With a smaller carbon footprint during production and installation, they tread lightly on the environment, symbolizing our commitment to sustainability without sacrificing design integrity.

When you’re ready to immerse your exteriors in the distinctive allure of brick while preserving the lightness and practical usability, Stone Selex’s exterior brick veneer emerges as the perfect choice. Available in a myriad of colours and textures inspired by the Canadian palette, our offerings stand in testament to superior quality and aesthetic appeal. Discover the perfect balance of enduring charm and modern elegance with Stone Selex’s brick veneer.

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