Do It Yourself Stone Veneer Installation

Stone Installation

Artificial Stone can be easily applied to any structurally sound surface without any wall ties, footing or structural supports. To install the stone directly to the surface of any clean (unsealed, unpainted or untreated) brick, concrete block, or other masonry surfaces, one requires a handful of simple tools, unlike natural stones for which complex tools is mandatory. Just follow DIY Installation Stone Veneer instructions to get the fireplace that you dreamed of.

Prefab Stone Fireplace Installation

It takes time to install a prefab stone fireplace by yourself. Getting the right materials and tools is important. Follow all the steps to be sure. Make sure you do it correctly without hurting yourself. Prepare yourself anything that will come at you in terms of installation. In the end, it will all worth getting the prefab stone fireplace you always wanted.

Step I: Prepare the Base for Installation

Remove the existing material using the required tools like a crowbar, hammer, etc and prepare a levelled surface to install the stone. If required, take up the necessary repair work.

Step II: Apply Tar Paper

To act as a moisture barrier, install a layer of thick tar paper to the drywall base.

Step IV: Apply Scratch Coat

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of Prefab Stone Fireplace to prepare the mortal mix. Apply mortar to cover the entire lath. To create a rough surface, scratch it before it dries

Step V: Install the Mantel

Mark the desired placement for the mantel one scratch coat dries. Install the mantel using anchors

Step VI: Set the Stones

Segregate the corner and flat stones. Apply the mortar mix to the back of the stone and start from the corner. When all the stones are placed, use a jointer to fill the joints and cover the lath with mortar.

DIY Installation Stone Veneer

Stone Siding

Just as our Prefab Stone Fireplace adds beauty to the interiors of your home, similarly our manufactured Stone Siding Selection allows you to create a unique and attractive look to the exterior of your house. Man-Made Stone Siding has provided an affordable way to people to lend an artistic as well as natural appeal to their homes.

All one needs to do is select Stone siding for your house and start the installation process with help from the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The stone Installation process, though easy to carry out but requires the use of various tools which may make homeowners not indulge in this activity. Therefore we provide our Stone Installation services for Prefab Stone fireplace, Stone Siding, Stone Veneer, Stone facing, etc.

Contact us today if you need help with Installation or any questions about the DIY Installation Stone Veneer. We have multiple locations that you can look at for inspiration. Visit one of our many shows rooms to ask us questions in person.