Homebuilders today are challenged to deliver quality homes at affordable prices. The current economic climate has gone down. Credit id down, which causes lower prices, This means there are nervous investors. That means builders must compete in a tough buyer’s market. It’s essential to reduce costs wherever possible.  Not to mention, make sure you save on Artificial Stone in Toronto and across Ontario.

Yet, Home Buyers Still Demand Top Quality and Enduring Beauty

Increasingly, builders are solving this dilemma by taking advantage of modern materials. It is sometimes referred to as a stone facing, manufactured stone, or faux stone. Furthermore, this material makes possible fresh and innovative designs, greater flexibility, and reduced costs. It all adds up to the ever-important curb appeal that attracts qualified buyers.

Out With the Old

Traditional brick is a proven building material and has been used for centuries. But it is also expensive. Masonry labour, and reinforced foundations required to support its extra weight.
To counter these drawbacks, builders have lately turned to vinyl siding. It is drawn by its cheaper cost, lighter weight, and easier installation. But these advantages are not enough to overcome a major drawback. One of them is the tendency to use the siding in unimaginative, even boring designs.
The popularity of brick and the convenience of vinyl siding has inhibited creativity. In that case, it has led to a rash of new subdivisions filled with repetitive designs. It looks like if they all came off the same assembly line. Builders limit themselves to these conventional materials. This means many builders miss opportunities to attract new and design-conscious buyers.
Artificial Stone

In With the New

Savvy builders have discovered the range of possibilities provided by artificial stone veneer. It is modelled after natural stone and virtually indistinguishable from the original. The stone is durable, lightweight, and easy to work with. Also, the material can substitute for wall stone in both interior and exterior projects. It ranges from chimneys and fireplaces to fences, pillars, stone walls, and stone facings.
There is also the option to add stone veneer to popular traditional materials. For example, wood siding, stucco, and board-and-batten. This helps to give your home a custom-built look at affordable prices. With stone veneer accents, there are these techniques. It makes possible unique designs that are more attractive than vinyl siding. Also, it is less expensive than traditional brick

Solid Savings

Using artificial stone veneer instead of traditional brick leads to remarkable savings. The artificial stone veneer is lightweight. This means a reduction in the cost of shipping, labour, and foundations and footings. For example, builders can achieve a savings of between $1,700 CAD and $4,000 CAD on an average-sized detached home.
When selecting a vendor for an artificial stone veneer, it’s important to look for a good company. Also, the company will have both a superior product and a solid reputation. For Canadian builders, Interior Stone Exteriors satisfies both requirements.
Interior Stone Exteriors is now an authorized distributor for Canyon Stone. We give customers, builders and renovators even more options for creating stunning stone designs. They do it to attract buyers and increase the value of a home. Also,they offer a 50-year warranty on every stone they sell. We want to keep you covered for generations to come.

Attractive Manufactured Stone Designs for Home Interiors and Exteriors

Manufactured Stone has many advantages. It has become the first choice of people for home decoration. Stone veneers present a less costly option. They offer durability and can be easily applied anywhere. But their best feature is that one can find a huge variety of manufactured stone designs. It is both for interiors and exteriors of a house. In that case, homeowners can find artificial stone designs that will match the building. It will fulfill the long terms goals.

Our Interior and Exterior stone veneers are specifically made to satisfy the desires which people may have reading their homes. They can be suitably used for Stone facing, Stone Siding or Wall cladding purposes. We offer high quality manufactured stone veneer products to our customers.

Here at Infinity Stone Exteriors, we only get the best materials and that are new and look good for your home. We check each stone to make sure that it is good enough to use.

In summary, contact Infinity Stone Exteriors to find out more about how you can achieve real savings with artificial stone.