Imagine coming home after a hard day’s work to unwind in your own personal outdoor sanctuary. Imagine dining al fresco, enjoying a delicious meal prepared on the grill of your outdoor kitchen. Then imagine spending the evening under the stars as you relax by the fireplace in your outdoor living room. Exterior Stones are important because it helps make your life easier and make your home better. Your home deserves to be designed by getting your exterior stone near the Toronto area.

Outdoor living spaces like this are ideal venues for entertaining. It allows you to expand the functional area of your home beyond the confines of its walls. Manufactured stone veneer from Infinity Stone Exteriors makes it easy to create such an outdoor oasis. The harmonious blending of interior design with exterior landscaping. We are the team for your Exterior Stone needs.

Stone Veneer Kitchen Types

The first element to consider is the kitchen. Infinity Stone Exteriors has two options to help you design an outdoor kitchen. It suits both your environment and your budget.

Modular Kitchen Islands

This is a semi-custom option in which you choose the units you desire. Infinity Stone Exteriors works with you to select the manufactured stone that fits. Accent finishes can include stucco, granite, and more. Our professional Veneer installation will last a lifetime.

Interior Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Islands

This completely custom option gives you a unique design unlike anything you’ll find on the market. For example, you may choose a detailed stone veneer fireplace, perhaps a pizza oven, a bar, food preparation and cooking areas, and a seating area. Also, our experienced landscape architect will match the finish to your existing pool or pavilion. It precisely reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Outdoor Kitchen Shapes

Your outdoor kitchen island can be a simple rectangular unit, or it can have multiple angles of varying degrees. Popular shapes are Vs and Ls. It all depends on the appliances and amenities you wish to accommodate. As a matter of fact, consider a design that provides an area for stools arranged so you can face and converse with your guests as you cook.

Outdoor Living Rooms

An outdoor living space can consist of just a kitchen. Why not create a complete and harmonious environment that encompasses an area to sit and relax as well? Think about including a traditional fire pit, clad in rustic stone veneer. Moreover, wood-burning or fueled by propane or natural gas, would make an ideal centrepiece for your backyard.

For a more contemporary look, you may choose a fireplace, either incorporated into your kitchen design. It can be two-sided or free-standing. You can select a readymade unit in which Infinity Stone Exteriors will clad with the artificial stone veneer of your choice. Also, you can have Infinity Stone Exteriors custom design and build a unique piece to match the overall look of your yard.

While a fireplace or fire-pit provides ambient light and warmth, it won’t protect you from the elements. For that, you’ll need shelter such as an awning or a pergola. This can be sized to cover just the kitchen area or the entire living space. As a matter of fact, the pillars for the shelter can be clad in the same stone veneer you’ve chosen for your fireplace and kitchen. It blends in with your overall landscape design.

Outdoor Living Room

A Lifestyle Investment

Your outdoor living space can be both a retreat from the world and a reflection of your lifestyle. But it’s also a wise and practical investment. Studies have proven that well designed and constructed backyard kitchens and living rooms retain as much as 81% of their value. It contributes to the resale price of your home. We have the exterior stone for you that will make your home into your dream house near the Toronto area.

Infinity Stone Exteriors is ideally suited to help you realize that investment. Our professional staff draws on years of experience in the design and construction industry. Above all, we take pride in offering you a thoughtful, personalized service.

We just opened our new and expanded location. With this, Infinity Stone Exteriors is even better equipped to help you stone design the perfect outdoor living space. In our generous showroom, you’ll find a wide range of colours and styles of manufactured stone and brick veneer. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. This includes elevations, fireplace and chimney stone, fences, wall facings, and pillars.

We carry artificial stone veneer or faux stone from such top-of-the-line manufacturers. This includes Artistic Stone, Artek Stone, and Canyon Stone. From our central location in Toronto, we’re prepared to service and deliver to customers in our many cities around Ontario. 

Visit Infinity Stone Exteriors today. See why our manufactured stone veneers and brick veneers are the affordable real stone alternative for your home. In summary, get your Exterior Stone today in the Toronto area and all over Ontario.