Exterior Stones Veneers lend that look of luxury and elegance to any home, with its rugged texture and incredile range of colour choices available
Exterior Stone Siding can be used for a wide variety of enhancing projects including exterior facing on the residence, retaining walls and columns, all that give you home that look and warmth of real stone.
Increase the value of your home through Exterior Stone Cladding that looks like real brick or stone, but is less expensive to purchase and install, and lasts a lifetime.
Dramatic effects can be achieved with Exerior Stone Veneer Accent to improve the look of your home and its value.
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Much less expensive than real stone and cheaper to install.


Easy installation exterior stone veneer projects for Do-It-Yourselfers.


Easy to maintain and virtually maintenance free stone exterior cladding.

Natural stone alternatives for exterior stone siding!

About 30 years ago, manufactured stone made its debut in the construction industry. Like every new idea, start off was slow. With improvement, the stone veneer and brick veneer won the confidence of builders. It helps the imagination of architects and the budget of renovators and homeowners. Today it is widely used in exterior stone siding and interior application. Also, it helps in both residential and commercial projects. This stone veneer alternative is used in all around the world including Toronto.
Faux exterior stone siding offers the appearance of natural stone veneer with benefits. Benefits include material and labour costs are significantly lower. There is no need for special engineering due to its lightweight. It can be used on all types of walls without foundations and footings. It is durable, resistant to low temperatures and moisture. Faux stone siding is available in dozens of different styles and earth colours. It creates great flexibility for designers. A wide selection of surface textures and stone thicknesses helps create outstanding light and shade effects
Here at Exterior Stone Siding, we have different materials and colours of alternative stone veneer to choose that you can see in our Toronto showrooms and other showrooms across Ontario.
It is a logical alternative to a natural exterior stone siding at an affordable price. You can do it without compromising the beauty of Mother Nature’s own creation. Get the manufactured stone will only make your home look beautiful, but also you will be more environmentally friendly. Get your alternative stone veneer today near the Toronto or in other location in Ontario.
Contact us today to your stone veneer or alternative stone veneer in the Toronto area or other locations across Ontario.

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